The Lucent Dossier Experience

When we first arrived at the Palace theatre in LA it was a buzz with people taking care of last minute details for the Lucent Dossier Experience. Being new to working with a film crew, behind the scenes access was exhilarating. The first person I saw was seated at a huge mirror in the midst of transformation from normal guy to wild character. Half his face painted white, he chatted with me about the new design he was trying that night. Not sure how it was going to turn out he kept adding layers until his look was similar to a clown yet edgier. I instantly felt inspired to create and wanted to play in the makeup too. It’s so cool how something as simple as a face painted with wild colors changes everything. I wandered onto the stage where sound check was happening and soaked in the many layers of the set design. Silk fabrics and gorgeous metal hoops were hanging up high, drums and guitar players were in the far corner, and there were several layers and heights and secret entrances built into the design. An hour before the show, some were already in makeup and costume, yet everyone there was just like me juggling the technical details of life, racing the clock and focused on getting their work done. Feeling like a kid in a Halloween castle I wandered around discovering several elaborate interactive stations outside the theatre doors. Down in the dressing rooms, a fuzzy white chicken named Penelope greeted me. She was watching intently as the wild and vibrant characters of Lucent Dossier come to life. Colorful costumes, wigs, makeup and sparkles transformed the hustle bustle into magic and play… but I am getting ahead of myself in my excitement…

I recently started working with Rich Van Every and Lightworks Creative on some exciting video and film production projects. One of the projects is a short film we shot mostly at Burning Man that is focused on creativity, imagination , and design. We are following up with some of our favorite stories from the playa getting more background footage for the film. Lucent Dossier is one of those stories. On October 21st & 22nd, Lucent created a special experience of their previously sold out Palace Theatre show as a fundraiser for their friend Shrine. So, we headed to LA to interview and shoot footage of this revolutionary circus of clowns, ariel artists, dancers, singers, musicians, stilt walkers, acrobats, fire dancers, interactive stations, imaginative costume design, a fuzzy white chicken named Penelope and more. Focused on raising funds for a friend’s medical care, this troop was on fire!

In the midst of all the excitement we found a special spot in the Palace Theatre seats and set it up with lights for our interview with Dream Rockwell, the woman behind this elaborate vision. A multi-tasking queen she was in makeup but no costume handling an array of last minute details. With the crowd gathering outside the theatre doors, she sat with us to chat about how this dream of hers had come to life. She playfully shared how the little moments of inspired dreaming with friends had shaped the reality she lives in now. She is a believer in creativity and has a passion for connecting people to their innate creative nature. She is a team player and surrounded by brilliant talented people who have become family. This particular weekend was dedicated to raising funds for the medical care for Shrine who is one of the founders of this circus.

Dream and the troop are helping this dear friend in a creative way and hope to inspire others to the same for loved ones in need. Her producers Dayna and Lisa joined us as we were chatting about how they make this renaissance circus a success. I loved asking all the burning questions on my mind, smiling from ear to ear as I witnessed how these women are productive, creative, and playful in the way they relate with each other. In their world old school structure plays an important role, but their secret recipe is creative collaboration. According to these ladies, bringing dreams to life isn’t about feeling or being ready. Simply put their advice is to “keep a book of lessons learned, believe in your dreams, and GO FOR IT!”. This being my first Lucent Experience I had to ask, “What can I expect to see tonight?” Laughing, they said the only thing one can expect is the unexpected! The audience is the key as the performers invite the crowd into the magic creating a tactile and memorable experience. Their hope is to draw out a true organic human response from the crowd that is so powerful that they feel inspired to show the world more of their real selves resulting in more compassion, love, and their art.

We finished the interview as the doors opened and a crowd full of people in costume filled the theatre. We quickly followed Dream downstairs where she transformed into a doll like character for the night. With music thumping and people cheering Dream arrived onto a stage full of wild characters and artists spinning fire. Back stage was hopping….characters passionately practicing moves in front of large mirrors and performers running on and off stage at their cues. Perfectly in synch and full of life the performance spilled out into the crowd turning the whole theatre into a wild and playful experience. These avant guard artists passion and creativity is infectious. The Lucent Dossier Experience is a tactile participatory event inspiring more vibrant creativity in our world every day. I say check them out as soon as you can!

~Heather Keely

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