WANDERLUST FESTIVAL :GUEST SCRIBE HEATHER HOLLANDER: BUST OUT AND BE RAD Posted by Guest Scribe on 7/18/13 in Inspiration   Have you ever felt a wild urge inside your being to unleash the unique superhero that lives inside? Maybe this urge is so strong it feels like frustration… Maybe it is gentle and nudges […]

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12.21.2012 Sedona Solstice

Sedona Arizona was a very sacred place to visit during winter solstice 2012. In the midst of a fast pace life accepting the invitation from Carissa Schumacher to slow down, connect with nature, and turn attention to prayer and shaman ceremony was a blessing. This land of red rock and mystic history is stunning! Winter […]

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Supreme Influence in Action

Supreme Influence in Action (SIIA) in Joshua Tree with Niurka was a powerful week of introspection, intentional action, and transformation! Many came for NLP certification and left with a beaming heart and a whole new passion for life. I was deeply honored to lead yoga alchemy sessions for the group each morning by the pool. […]

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Bodacious in Bali

    Ahhhhhh BALI….the land of chaos and serenity! Bodacious in Bali was filled with magic and challenge.  The practice of being in the flow and allowing was essential and became my guide through this journey. The more I softened and allowed things to flow the more magical and miraculous the journey became.   Each […]

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Earth Harp: La Calaca Festival 2012

The Earth Harp in San Miguel De Allende… An Experience of Transformational Entertainment   When we were invited to install the Earth Harp into La Parroquia for La Calaca festival in San Miguel last month we responded with an ecstatic yes! WOW…this experience was full of life. Art, music, ancient traditions, expression, innovation, ancient culture […]

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This auspicious time on the planet has been the main topic of conversation everywhere I go; some focused on dooms day and challenge and others focused on abundance and possibility. It’s so amazing how we have the capacity as humans to create our own perspectives and find supporting evidence of them no matter where they […]

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Stillness in Nature

Fluid Power is our Nature…And it is YOURS!

  How can I feel stagnant, stiff and cranky; and within moments of movement guided by my breath or moments spent in stillness I feel so alive, playful and rejuvenated? What is the relationship between stillness and flow? Does one exist without the other? Does this energy force only belong to the flexible yogi’s and […]

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Tahoe Wanderlust 2012 EarthHarp

Wanderlust Tahoe 2012–Earth Harp

 Wanderlust is food for the soul…       Held in the majestic Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe July 26th – 29th this festival is a playground of natural beauty and pranic delight. Trails and waterfalls just minutes away from the hustle bustle of the village make meditation hikes a perfect start for each day. Mountain […]

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Happy Birthday “Bodes”!

 For as long as I can remember “Bodes” (aka Bodacious or Bodie) has loved laying on my mat when I practice. When he was just a puppy it was pretty disruptive, he moved around a ton and always wanted to be right on top of me when I sat to meditate. I started calling this […]

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Group Yoga Flow @ Occupy - 1

The Influence of Art at Occupy LA

 On October 22nd many LA performers, artists, DJ’s and activists came together to offer an incredible performance peace on the MAINSTAGE at OCCUPY LA. I was part of a film crew shooting a music video about how we can use ART as an influential and non-violent tool to speak to the masses. We arrived at […]

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